IGI was the first laboratory to develop jewelry identification reports and is the leader in this field today.

Most of the world’s diamonds and gemstones are already set in jewelry. Without disassembling heirlooms or complex pieces, IGI has developed techniques for thorough, objective and expert analysis of finished jewelry items. Gemstone types and numbers, total carat weight, color, clarity, origin and mounting details are provided, along with clear standardized photos showing details of craftsmanship that may not otherwise be visible.

More complex than the analysis of loose gemstones, IGI's expertise in the analysis and documentation of finished jewelry items is unrivaled anywhere.


Sample Reports

Thorough assessment

“As mounting permits” is an important distinction used on Jewelry Reports. It appears when the presence of metal parts surrounding the gemstone(s) permits IGI gemologists to provide detailed information, but perhaps less accurately than in an unmounted situation. In such cases the words “approximate” and “range” are clearly used in descriptors. Ultimately some pieces may require un-mounting if the style or makeup prevents the scientific tests necessary for meaningful assessment.

A total commitment to understanding consumer concerns has motivated IGI to develop rules and procedures for information provision on any item which can be analyzed, according to the laws of our fields of specialty. This empowers jewelry buyers to find precisely what they want, with complete confidence in the accuracy and authority of the IGI documentation.

Gemstones should only change hands when accompanied by a certificate attesting to quality. Regardless of location or marketplace, an authentic IGI Laboratory Report is the common language of trust and confidence in the gemological world.

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